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Round 5 Newsletter

Welcome to round 5. Please read below for all notices ahead of this Saturday.


National Volunteer Week

Our small club couldn’t be run without the hours put in by all our volunteers & this National Volunteer Week we'd like to say thank you to each and every one of them. To the coaches, managers, umpires, scorers, commmittee and officials- thank you.

In the spirit of National Volunteer Week please make sure to extend this thank you while on the court on Saturday- our club & indeed the IWNA simply wouldn't exist without volunteers.

If you're interested in helping out our club, positions are always open- do get in contact.


BUNC group fitness - Tues from 7pm-8pm

Want to increase your fitness? Our group fitness sessions run each Tuesday throughout the season from 7pm. Sessions are FREE and a great way for seniors and cadets to keep their fitness up whilst getting to know others in the club.

Join the group in our app:

For all group fitness updates, join within the app to stay connected.


Save the date BUNC BBQ Day- Sat 22nd July

Our main fundraising event for the year the BUNC BBQ is coming up soon! A reminder to save the date with more details coming soon.


Kate Machin

BUNC Secretary & MPIO

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