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Round 4 Newsletter

Updated: May 20, 2023

Welcome to round 4. Please read below for all notices ahead of this Saturday.


Mother's Day raffle winners

A huge congratulations to our Mother's Day Raffle winners:

With thanks to all BUNC members and friends who participated, along with the generosity of our kind donors, we were able to raise $1523 for our club. Thank you's must also go to our fab fundraising committee who made this possible.

We wish all the mum figures within our club a wonderful Mother's Day on Sunday.


Game day fill ins & playing up guidelines

We understand it can sometimes be hard to field a full team- illness, injury and other plans can get in the way. A few years ago we launched the 'game day fill-ins' Facebook group, a place to post msgs asking for players. As we have transitioned to the Burwood App, this group can now be found under the 'Groups' section of the App.

We encourage all parents and senior players to join.

To note: a team must have a minimum of 3 of their own players to take the court and a maximum of 2 fill-in's.

Additionally, it is important to note that for the 2023 winter comp season, the IWNA rules on playing up have changed. Please refer to the below guidelines so you don't get caught out as fines from IWNA can apply.

  1. Senior players cannot play below their registered Grade.

  2. Players playing up MUST have their name, usual grade and usual team name written on the scorecard.

  3. A significant change from last year: players can ONLY play up in 2 games this season, before being forced up. This is a vital one to keep track of throughout the season.

  4. You can participate in up to two games in any one competition round and no more than 2 players from any lower game may participate in a game

  5. Junior players cannot play more than 2 age divisions higher then their own age - based on their DOB (not the age group they are registered in), with the exception of 15 years old who may play in all grades of cadets and seniors.

  6. When there are two teams from Burwood in the same grade, you cannot swap players between these teams.


Kate Machin

BUNC Secretary & MPIO

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