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Round 1 Newsletter

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Netball is here! Welcome back. Please read the below points to cover all your round 1 questions!



Please review our posts on How to fill in scoresheets, codes of conduct, forfeit/fill in procedures and wet weather to ensure you are ready for the season.


March Past:

The March Past occurs every year as a celebration and official opening of the Inner West Netball Association season.

8:30am and 9:30am rounds will be played at 8am and 9am respectively to accommodate the March Past.

We'd like to encourage participation from all Junior BUNC members. All participants will receive a BUNC hair tie.


Uniform collection:

Uniform Pick Up will be this Saturday 22 April for any new uniforms items. Please see Carol at the BUNC tent at least 1 hour prior to your game time on Saturday to ensure a smooth collection with sizing etc.

Any Uniform questions, please call Carol on 0498 702 126.


Looking forward to meeting new players and friends at the BUNC tent or on the sidelines. Goodluck to all teams,


BUNC Secretary & MPIO

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