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Forfeits & Fill ins

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

We recognise there will always be disruptions to the season and you may not always be able to field a team to take the court each week.


Game day fill ins

We run a group within the app where members can search for players to fill in.

For Senior Teams - Players filling in can only come from a lower grade team and individuals cannot fill in more than 3 times.

For Junior Teams - Players filling in can only play 2 age groups up, from their DOB and individuals cannot fill in more than 3 times. You must check with your Coach before filling in for another team.



You must forfeit a round if you cannot field a team (5 players from your team minimum). All forfeits need to be submitted the Friday night before Saturday play AT THE LATEST. Please notify the following contact so the association, opposition team and umpire can be notified:

Debbie Talty - Club President

Please note: team fines will apply for multiple forfeits and also last round forfeits


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